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Cache Creek Resource Model

Cache Creek Resource Model Comes to Fruition 

Cache Creek Nature Preserve now has a wonderful new teaching/display site called the Cache Creek Resource Model. This large on-the-ground structure depicts the Cache Creek watershed, beginning with the Coast Range Mountains to the west and ending with a small streamway emptying into wetlands and also irrigating an agricultural field. The site was designed by Sally Barrett, who donated her time and expertise creating a beautiful, functional working model of the creek. Sally also serves on the Conservancy board of directors.

The model was built this spring with much help from volunteers. Stan Pratt, a retired civil engineer and long-time employee with Teichert, served as project manager. Site preparation was donated by Bill Mattos, who moved equipment onto the grounds, dug out the creek channel, and moved dirt around to prepare the ground for the next phase. The stream channel was laid out and concrete donated by Syar Industries was poured between rainy days in March. Meanwhile other rock products, donated by Teichert, Granite Construction and Syar were moved onsite to be used in the structure. Hauling of these materials was donated by Joe Muller & Sons, CL Smith Trucking, and Diamond D General Engineering. A volunteer work day was held on a Saturday in March in which over twenty volunteers worked to move sand, gravel and rocks around, pruned trees, planted grasses and shrubs, and installed the water system that allows the creek to flow. A sand box was also created and two billy backhoes were installed for children to experience moving sand with machinery. We thank the International Union of Operating Engineers Local Union # 3 for helping to purchase the backhoes.

The Resource Model is being used as a teaching station in our education program, educating students about the geology of Cache Creek, how aggregate products are formed as water flows from the mountains, and how these products are used. The importance of water to irrigate agricultural crops and the benefits of wetlands are other themes in the learning experience.

We are very pleased to have this model which greatly enhances the educational experience for people of all ages. Thanks to all who so generously supported putting this project on the ground!

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