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CCNP History

1975 Gravel Mining in current wetland site
1999 Formation of wetlands
2004 Wetlands & Boardwalk
Site Map and Visitor Center
2004 Salisbury Spill

In 1999 the Conservancy entered into an agreement with Yolo County to restore and manage the newly acquired Cache Creek Nature Preserve site. This 130 acre site, donated to Yolo County by Teichert Land Co., is located on the north side of Cache Creek at Road 94B, and contains wetlands, oak woodlands, and native grasslands, in addition to the stream-side riparian habitat. It also serves as the center for an extensive environmental education program and includes the Jan T. Lowrey Memorial Grove and the Tending and Gathering Garden.

The first phase, March 1999 through May 2000, was to ready the property for public use and included building fences, rebuilding the entry bridge, stabilizing and refurbishing the redwood barn, constructing the Salisbury Spill overlook, the wetlands overlook, the boardwalk and overlook, stairway on the levee, the inlet structure from Gordon Slough to the wetlands and the outlet structure from the wetlands to Cache Creek, and design and install interpretive signs. This culminated in a magnificent Grand Opening of the CCNP in May, 2000.

The second phase, June 2000 to June 2001, was to complete visitor and staff amenities. The Conservancy office was moved to the site with the installation of the first modular building and the building of the accompanying deck and shade structure. The entry road, parking lot and some trails were chip-sealed, other trails were developed and many covered with wood chips, and native trees and shrubs were planted along with the necessary irrigation systems.

The third phase, 2001 to the present, is the continuation of the physical improvements at the Nature Preserve and the continual evaluation and expansion of programs. Some of the major components include the Tending and Gathering Garden, the Jan T. Lowrey Memorial Grove (dedicated to Jan following his untimely death in January, 2006), a second modular office/meeting building, the ramada, trail improvements and a footbridge over lower Gordon Slough, grassland restoration, and habitat improvements in the lower Gordon Slough area. In addition, the highly regarded environmental education program continues to expand and reach over 2000 students per 
year. Yearly events include a Fun Run in the spring, Creek Cleanup in September, and an annual event in October.