TGG Development

Shannon Brawley, Jan Lowrey, Fred Teichert, and 
Kathy Wallace.

January 2001

July 2002

June 2003
In the fall of 1999, then UCD Landscape Architecture student Shannon Brawley came to the Nature Preserve as part of her class work under Professor Diana Hershey. Shannon took her class assignment a step further by preparing a preliminary proposal for a Native American tending and gathering garden to be located on the Nature Preserve. The proposal was presented to the CCC Board of Directors who were very enthusiastic about the project. Shannon went on to develop this project for her graduate work at UCD.

Shannon visited with Kathy Wallace, local educator and basket weaver, whose input was extremely helpful, and resulted in other Native American practitioners being asked to join the project. This core group, eventually called the Steering Committee, served as advisors to implement the project and ensure its viability.

In January, 2001, Mr. Fred Teichert, President of the Teichert Foundation, presented the CCC with a check for $4,000 to fund the design of the TGG and help support its development. In subsequent years the TGG has been heavily supported by the Rumsey Community Fund, now known as the Yocha Dehe Community Fund.

Physical development of the Garden began in 2001 with site preparation followed by planting of the selected native plants. In 2002 construction began on the ramada. The Steering Committee continued to meet offering advice on plants and their locations as well as working to develop policies on garden maintenance and gathering procedures. The Steering Committee members also worked closely with the educators at the Nature Preserve, incorporating lessons centered on the TGG and its plants.
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