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Volunteer Opportunities

Exciting volunteer opportunities are available at the Cache Creek Nature Preserve. There are several different jobs that volunteers can perform depending on individual skills, training, and experience. Much of the work is outdoors, but we often have a wide and diverse array of jobs that need to be done.

We ask that volunteers have a desire to work cooperatively with staff and other volunteers, and be mindful that they will often be dealing with the public on behalf of the Conservancy. Each potential volunteer will be asked to submit a Volunteer Application form and, once accepted, will need to complete a Volunteer Liability Waiver and Agreement.

We appreciate the commitment of our volunteers in supporting our goals. Most importantly, we want each volunteer to feel that he or she has made a positive donation of time and talent to the Conservancy.

Thank you for considering a volunteer position for the Cache Creek Conservancy.

Education Naturalist

Open Saturday presentation

Fun Run registration

Monitoring wood duck boxes

Education Naturalist (Reports to Education Specialist) – Volunteers will assist with the CCC environmental education programs for visiting school groups to the Nature Preserve, leading and sharing the activity stations with diverse groups of elementary school children and adult groups.

Outreach (Reports to Administrative Coordinator or Executive Director) – Volunteers will promote public understanding of the mission and work of the CCC and assist with Open days, Fun run, Creek fest, Tracking workshop and the Fair booth. This includes setting up and taking down displays on and off site, registration and helping with other activities at the Nature Preserve.

Restoration (Reports to Habitat Restoration Manager) – Volunteers will assist with planting, invasive removal, site prep, watering at the Nature Preserve and with projects along Cache Creek.

Tending & Gathering Garden (Reports to Habitat Restoration Manager ) – Volunteers will help provide the necessary upkeep and maintenance of the TGG and may also assist with planting, gathering, pruning, coppicing and fire management in the TGG.

CCNP maintenance (Reports to Habitat Restoration Manager) – Volunteers will help provide the necessary upkeep and maintenance of different areas on the Nature Preserve including assisting with weeding, trail maintenance, pruning, watering, sign maintenance. Areas include but are not limited to the pollinator hedgerows, JTL Memorial Grove, CC Resource Model, barn, visitor center.

Bird boxes (Reports to Habitat Restoration Manager) – Volunteers will assist with monitoring and maintenance of bird boxes on the Nature Preserve.

Office duties (Reports to Administrative Coordinator) - Volunteers will help with shredding, preparing newsletters and other mailings, organize binders and other duties that become available in the Administrative office.