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Day of the Grizzly

The grizzly bear is a symbol of California—it’s on our state flag—do you know the bear’s story?

Come and explore the occurrence and roles of grizzly bears once inhabiting the Central Valley reach of Cache Creek, and the West, at the Cache Creek Conservancy’s Day of the Grizzly event, 9 a.m. to noon, Saturday, September 9.

You will hear the story of grizzlies in California and the ecosystem that supported them in the vicinity of the Gordon Grant during a guided tour of the Cache Creek Nature Preserve. Using pelts and other materials you’ll get to see what identifies grizzlies versus black bears, as well as what defines their roles in the food web.  Delve into the California grizzly extinction story and aspects of safety and co-existing with black bears in California and grizzlies in the Northwest.  

You’ll hear stories about the grizzlies and black bears too. You’ll get a chance to share your bear story too during our Story Slam!  There will be an opportunity to find out what it might be like to be a bear through some of our bear-related activities. You can take your photograph with our life-size models of a grizzly and a black bear, too!

The Day of the Grizzly features a tour and lecture by Rick Sitts, a naturalist that specializes in the grizzly bear, and Janice Kelley, a naturalist and professional storyteller who captivates audiences with her stories of California wildlife. Activities include comparing life-sized paw prints to your feet and hands, experiencing how a bear searches for food, and practice being a field scientist by learning how to measure and record your observations. Kids of all ages may enjoy getting their face painted like a bear by local artist Jillian Wilkowski.

The day will end with the premier of the video, “Grizzlies at San Francisco Zoo,” about the Native American Bear Dance welcome to the grizzly bears Kiona and Kachina when they arrived at the zoo in 2004.

Day of the Grizzly is at the Cache Creek Nature Preserve, 34199 County Road 20, Woodland. Register before August 30 and save: $5 per person or $12.50 for families (three or more). Cost after August 30 is $7.50 per person or $20 for families. Please wear closed-toed shoes, bring your own sunscreen and hat, and bring your own bottled water.  We look forward to seeing you!

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